BOOM MOTION: Quantum Theatre Q Ball 2020 “Circle of Enchantment”

???? was excited to have a chance to cast our spell on this year’s Q Ball, Quantum Theatre‘s annual gala celebration. This year’s theme was designated as “Ancient Magick” and elements like druid symbols, stone circles and earth magic were all thrown in the cauldron. 

Working with a client that routinely does the impossible pushes us into figuring out ways to break physical rules of spacetime and the much less forgiving budget and resource limitations. This promotion was no exception. Teaching ourselves affordable ways to create “animated illustration” for the beautiful event branding that Nyde Handley had created while not moving into traditional animation costs allowed us to experiment and resulted in a 31 track audio sound design and a video timeline that would choke a processor twice as large as we usually work with.

Thankfully, we were able to channel into some of Quantum’s magic and ended up with a piece of event promotion we were all pretty happy with. Creating both a teaser and a payoff video as well as a set of collateral materials and event support that all work together strategically to drive interest in this celebration of the wondrous, we hope that we were able to bring out the  magical ambience that this soiree is known for.


• Creative Director – Rob Nyde Handley
• Sound design, video animation – Scot Fleming