BOOM Campaign: “Beaver County: It’s ALL Our Back Yard.”

???? was proud to have collaborated with Keystone Wellness Programs, and ?????? ?????? ???? & ??????? on a new campaign: “?????? ??????: ??’? ??? ??? ???? ????.” The new acronymic term “????” (All Our Back Yard) was coined as an ant-stigma shorthand response to the pervasive viewpoint often referred to as Nimbyism. ????? (Not In My Back Yard) is (among other meanings) a characterization of a reluctance by residents to admit that a social problem, in this case opiate addiction, exists within their community.

???? developed this messaging along with a new brand identity under the direct leadership of BCDAC’s ???? ?????? for the ?????? ?????? ???? ????? ?????????. Showcasing diverse and instantly recognizable environmental elements of Beaver County, the message hopes to reduce the stigma surrounding the realities of opiate addiction, which know no cultural or community boundaries.

• Director of Motion – Mark Spaeder
• Creative Director – Rob Nyde Handley
• Producer – Scot Fleming
• Audio: Mark Rosato at Dan Ferraro Audio
• Voice actress: Tracey D. Turner