BOOM Launch: KeyCare Hospice Rebranding

Creating positive messaging for hospice care is a challenge.  The general public have many preconceptions about hospice care – some antiquated or unfounded, some understandably relevant. Building a campaign message to counter some of these ideas and reflect optimism and hope amidst the reality of death is daunting. But 15 minutes into the first meeting with Key Care Hospice staff, the BOOM team was inspired by their stories and mission and knew the direction we wanted to take.

Key Care Home Health & Key Care Hospice are award-winning, highly rated health services serving Westmoreland, Indiana, Fayette, Washington, and Allegheny Counties in Southwestern Pennsylvania. They have a different approach to hospice care, customizing individual care plans based on the needs of the individual. Their philosophy of treating patients with dignity, respect, and compassion cannot be fully appreciated until witnessed firsthand.

“The moment that brought it all home for me was it was when they described their “Hands” project. When visitors enter a facility where Key Care provides services, they’re greeted by walls adorned with canvasses showcasing drawings of hands. Hospice patients trace and decorate their own hands, and celebrate their life in a simple art project that touches everyone who experiences it. When they showed us those canvases we all looked at each other and knew what we wanted to do. How we wanted to roll-out their story.”

BOOM was tasked to develop new brand identities for both company divisions, design a new website, and revitalize ongoing messaging.

Built on the concept “Living With…”, BOOM created a messaging campaign that would reintroduce and reposition the Key Care brand. The “Living With…” campaign emphasizes the close interaction between caregivers and patients, and the celebration of their individual lives.

In addition to a stepped incorporation of the new identity into all messaging materials over the coming months,  this week marked the launch of  the redesigned Key Care Hospice website and print and outdoor advertising campaigns.