BOOM Event: John’s Wildwood Pizza 30th Anniversary

John’s Wildwood Pizzeria in Edinboro, PA , marked its 30 year anniversary this March with specials and in-store promotions. BOOM created an ad campaign (see gallery below) that featured a commemorative logo, and worked with the owner to come up with a promotional schedule that would usher in the landmark event with a flourish. Among other specials, the shop celebrated the day with a two day “1979 Retro Price Rollback” for two days, offering large cheese pizzas for their original 1979 price, $5.05

BOOM promoted the event via just 3 sources: A local print ad ran for one week prior to the event, announcements through the John’s Wildwood Pizzeria Facebook page (which currently has over 10,500 active followers), and Twitter.

On the first day of the Retro Rollback Sale, the line stretched out the door and down the block. Reporters from Erie and Edinboro media channels responded to the press release invitations and came to interview the owner. Brand energizers and promotional shirts were printed and distributed trivia contests were held while customers patiently waited in line, nibbling on anniversary cake.

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