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Media Tracks Communications

Advertising, Branding, Print, Web
About This Project

Chicago’s MediaTracks Communications is one of the country’s foremost providers of radio services for the public relations sector, committed to developing and broadcasting the highest quality audio programming. They also produce and syndicate America’s most widely heard public affairs programming on the radio. Over 6 million faithful listeners tune in weekly to hear their two premiere programs, “Radio Health Journal” and “Viewpoints Radio”, airing on more than 800 stations across the county in over 200 markets.

BOOM was originally hired to rebrand MediaTracks, design a website and supporting advertising for the new brand. MediaTracks was so delighted by BOOM’s solutions that they charged us with creating their two individual program brands as well. Following the same symbolic icon format established for the corporate identity, we designed a heart rate monitor graphic to underscore “Radio Health Journal” and a stylized speech balloon to frame “Viewpoints Radio.”

When applied together for print, web and social media promotions, the logos form a multifaceted yet highly cohesive brand hierarchy, communicating a message of intelligence, wit and authority.