Quantum Theatre: The Gun Show, BOOM Teaser #02

The local buzz is getting louder over Quantum Theatre’s second show of their 2018/2019 season – “The Gun Show (Can we talk about this?)”  with local press jumping in with discussions about the show even before opening night, this past Friday at the Carnegie Library in Homewood.

With the first-released teaser video climbing into the 5000+ views range on social media weeks before the show opened, BOOM and Quantum Theatre saw the opportunity to explore more of the powerful footage that was captured at photographer Jason Snyder’s Lawrenceville studio as actor Andrew William Smith, was running his lines for the shoot.

“Film trailers are still a seemingly odd fit for marketing live theater, primarily due to their limited ability to portray the unique experience of the art form,” allows BOOM Creative Director Nyde Handley, “but in the same way that traditional movie previews (when they’re done well) provoke potential audiences to want to see more, the relatively new usage of the medium to promote something as elusive and undefinable as a Quantum Theatre performance creates opportunities that are virtually limitless.”

The new teaser videos utilize Jason Snyder’s captured footage and Andrew William Smith’s monologue moments from the Quantum Theatre staged show. Visit their site for tickets and more information.