BOOM Motion: Offering hope in Beaver Falls, PA

BOOM was proud and honored to be asked to help tell the story of Beaver Fall’s successful MDJ Diversion Program.

In 2016, Beaver County lost 102 lives to accidental overdose, most of which involved the use of opioids. The majority of that loss of life and overdose activity took place in the city of Beaver Falls. Beaver County Behavioral Health Drug and Alcohol Program administrator Kate Lowery, along with Chief of Police John DeLuca, and Magistrate District Justice William Livingston came together to construct a diversion program that offered alternative options to incarceration for people arrested for public intoxication.

The program was designed to incorporate rehab, human services, housing, vocational, and treatment components all within walking distance of each other to afford accessible, stable opportunities for success in their recovery. Based on individualized needs, the program has been extremely effective and successful as an alternative to a traditional journey through the legal and prison system.

BOOM was asked to capture and produce a long-form film to chronicle the inception and goals of the program architects as well as the individual testimonies of four participants of the program.