Awareness Awakens – PAStop PSA Premieres With Star Wars

The Fall rollout campaign for 2015 received a boost this weekend as Newtown, PA’s Council Rock Coalition for Healthy Youth (CRCHY) purchased advertising space for the statewide anti-opiate campaign’s “Anyone” video PSA to be played in Philadelphia area theaters during the Star Wars: The Force Awakens premiere weekend.

We’re thrilled that CRCHY’s Debbie Moscovitz and so many other coalitions, and SCA’s in the state have embraced the PAStop campaign and started utilizing the media materials,” said BOOM Creative’s Chief Creative Officer, Scot Fleming, “The visibility that something like this Star Wars premiere brings to CPA’s anti-opiate-abuse PSA is just phenomenal. We couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity.

BOOM Creative (Pittsburgh) is the media partner for the Commonwealth Prevention Alliance’s Stop Opiate Abuse campaign and is responsible for creating the brand, website, video PSA’s and over 70 other pieces of messaging materials that are DDAP-approved and free to any organization that wants to utilize them, funded by a grant from the PCCD.

To see more of our PAStop materials, visit our portfolio showcase.