Pittsburgh Recovery Walk

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About This Project

Over 20 million Americans have overcome addiction – an achievement to be recognized and celebrated. While every path to recovery is different, all of them involve rebounding from an illness that needs treatment, not a stigma to be ashamed of.

Pittsburgh Recovery Walk is a annual parade and expo, drawing thousands of people to the city to spotlight another important dimension of the nation’s substance abuse crisis: successful rehabilitation. Highlights of the expo, located in downtown’s Market Square, include celebrity guest speakers, live music and shared stories of progress and accomplishment.

To help promote this city-wide event, BOOM developed a new brand for Recovery Walk, conveying a message of pride, unity and positivity. Focused outdoor advertising, web, print, social media and event management assistance all helped to get our message out and create an event that not only provides essential access to valuable support services, but also carries a crucial voice of hope to the members of the local recovery community.