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Natrona Bottling Company

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About This Project

Natrona Bottling Company’s Red Ribbon Soda has long been a go-to staple for aficionados of soda pop – and, as a result, a regional success story. Possessing the same love for the brand as the original founders did in 1904, the company has kept their core values alive while simultaneously placing an emphasis on current trends. Using the same vintage machinery and their signature “pinpoint carbonation” method, Natrona Bottling strives to give each small batch the same level of attention as in did back at the turn of the 20th century.

Recently, the company decided that the time was right to set their sites on infiltrating the adult mixers market with the company’s line of Red Ribbon seltzers, cola and tonic waters, getting them into the hands of Pittsburgh’s home adult beverage connoisseurs. Using a combination of brand redesign, humorous headlines and a heightened awareness campaign, BOOM recommended repositioning the line as Natrona’s retro-hip “Classic Mixers Collection,” strategically promoting the line through an association with local venues, popular nightlife events and local high-profile mixologists.

Focusing on a combination of unsurpassed product quality and an appealingly updated nostalgia vibe, Natrona Bottling continues to add fizz to it’s celebrated history.