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Flaherty & O'Hara

Advertising, Branding, Print, Public Relations
About This Project

After an extensive development process, the law firm of Flaherty & O’Hara unveiled a proprietary licensing service software which seamlessly keeps clients compliant with the ever-changing and often complex process of license renewal. This product, named “Evergreen,” offers long-term peace of mind to an expanded customer base long in need of such a service.

BOOM was asked to collaborate with F&O to create a comprehensive, nimble branding and messaging program for their new product rollout – including identity system, supporting attributes and accompanying marketing materials.

The cornerstone of the new branding system was the development of a logo which integrated the first two letters of the product’s name to create a concise symbolic representation of a continuous “evergreen” process of renewal.

The logo and integrated messaging system was applied to a wide variety of software, print, social media and exhibit hall uses – delivering a diverse, yet fully unified brand hierarchy, promoting an image of well deserved thought leadership.