John's Wildwood Pizzeria

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About This Project

One of our very first client relationships (going all the way back to 1993) began when BOOM rebranded the legendary John’s Wildwood Pizzeria in Edinboro, PA. Over the past quarter century, we’ve continued to keep their marketing hot and spicy with witty, award-winning advertising and forward thinking promotional efforts.

When social media first started showing its teeth as an effective messaging tool, BOOM brought John’s Wildwood onto the scene, growing a Facebook community that now boasts over 10,500 followers – almost double the population of Edinboro. That’s a lot of loyal customers!

2017 marked the launch of the second John’s Wildwood location, as their collaboration with Erie Brewing Co. took form with the opening of Pub & Pie, the now wildly popular brewpub in Erie, PA.

In a world cluttered with cookie-cutter pizza chains, John’s Wildwood remains a little slice of heaven.