Natrona Bottling BOOM Creative Red Ribbon Soda

BOOM’s New Account Is Soda-licious

BOOM Creative is proud to announce our new role as creative services consultants and advertising agency of record to Natrona Bottling and their line of classic soda pop, ginger beers and adult mixers.

Founded in 1904, Natrona Bottling Company is an independently-owned soft drink bottling company in Natrona, Pennsylvania that produces a line of soft drinks that uses real cane sugar in glass bottles. Natrona Bottling is the last glass soda pop bottling company in Allegheny County.

Possessing the same love and care for the brand and its methods as the original founders, the company has kept their original core values alive while placing an emphasis on current trends. Using the same vintage machinery and their signature “pinpoint carbonation” to add the fizz, the company strives to give each small batch, hand-mixed bottle the same level attention as in 1904, using pure cane sugar just as they always did, back well before it was trendy.

“BOOM is excited to be able to work with one of the most iconic brands in the region,” said BOOM President Scot Fleming. “We love the product, their commitment to their brand, the whole vibe. We’re hoping to amplify their voice and story to new audiences and generations.”

Natrona Bottling’s Red Ribbon Soda has been a go-to staple for lovers of vintage soda pop, and their imprint line of Jamaica’s Finest Ginger Beers consistently top the lists of the best of that spicy, tasty beverage. Now BOOM and Natrona Bottling are setting their sites at infiltrating the adult mixers market with the company’s line of Red Ribbon seltzers, cola and tonic waters, getting them into the hands of Pittsburgh’s highest ranked mixologists and bartenders, and the home adult beverage connoisseurs.

“We have worked 115 years to make our Beverages synonymous with Natrona and now Pittsburgh.  In that time or motto has always been “quality, not quantity”.  Says Natrona Bottling owner Vito Gerasole. “In order to stay true to our bubbly roots, we are excited to announce that BOOM Creative will now be helping us to take our message from Pittsburgh to beyond.”