BOOM Supercreative is a full-spectrum marketing and advertising company devoted to integrated messaging strategies that blow-up brands. Specializing in online and interactive customer engagement, as well as traditional design, print, and broadcast campaign mediums, BOOM‘s leadership team manages resources and specialists handpicked for your project.

BOOM was founded in 2008 by Scott Dix and Scot Fleming. The “Supercreative” moniker isn’t just a cute tagline. It’s descriptive of our process. With a combined 32 years experience in communications, we’ve seen a lot of great work and strong potential get choked by the results of rampant waste, and inflated budgets. We designed BOOM to handle Big Sky projects while staying agile, affordable and ninja-like on the ground.

Call us. It’s time to blow-up your brand.

Scott Dix, President

Scott is responsible for account management and most things technical. With over 15 years experience in web development, web design, telephone systems and IT, he has quite a knack for blending technologies that optimize business operations and lead to smarter development and growth.

Scott develops, customizes and deploys business class content management and e-commerce systems for BOOM’s clients. These days, Scott is a WordPress and Joomla! expert with over a hundred interactive websites humming away happily on the web.

scot fleming BOOM creative director Scot Fleming, Creative Director

Scot oversees branding and advertising concepts, public relations, strategies and content for print, web, and broadcast. He works closely with the design team and also heads up the development of viral audio/video and podcasting content for clients.

For the past 20 years, Scot has worked with most major advertising and PR firms in Pittsburgh as well as many national and regional agencies. Scot has received multiple ADDY, TELLY, AURORA, SILVER MICROPHONE, and PHILLY GOLD awards for his creative and production work.