BOOM Advertising: Hollowood Music – “Let’s Play”

    | July 23rd, 2008 | No Comments | Advertising, Design, Marketing

    Hollowood Music & Sound is a family-owned and operated retail music store and pro-sound company that has been a staple for Pittsburgh musicians for over 40 years. Hollowood’s pro-sound division is thriving and handles live sound support for some of the biggest names in the industry.

    With the retail leg of the company  facing a drop in sales and traffic , BOOM was tapped to create a campaign based on the intimate experience a musician has with buying an instrument. No matter how slick the interface, you still can’t touch or smell a new guitar online. A music store is more than just a shopping destination for musicians, it’s often where they go to learn how to play, covet their next instrument, or meet other musicians.  BOOM opted to reflect these emotional connections  in a new campaign centered around a simple, soft call-to-action headline:

    “Let’s Play.”
    Coupled with candid, consumer POV photography, the “Let’s Play.” campaign strives to capture moments in time that resonate with a wide range of  musicians from beginners to seasoned veterans.
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